Vegas hotel bets on solar power

As the sun sets on Las Vegas, the city comes to light. The neon glow of the famous strip burns so brightly it’s visible from space, But does most the luminous place on Earth lose its luster when it comes to environmental credentials, Apparently not Now Las Vegas has this reputation of the glitz and the glamor, the excess And the extravagance, But over the past few years, that is starting to change No longer satisfied with gambling on our planet’s future Las Vegas has decided to throw in its cards and commit to a greener future Here at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino 25 Percent of its that powers, this vast resort, comes from the cleanest under the sun.

But to see that in action we need to head to the roof of this hotel and wait until daytime The harvested 365 days a year by an array of 28 000 panels.

Well, we get 8 and 1 2 megawatts, But that doesn’t really mean much to most people.

So if you put it in terms of homes, you could power 1 700 homes with the amount of power that comes off that array every day.

We do a lot of things in Las Vegas that are behind the scenes, and don’t detract from the guests,’fun and enjoyment and excitement they have here, but are very environmentally friendly.

When you decided to invest in these panels, was it because of the environment, or was it actually a good business investment Things start with a good business investment in every corporation That it wasn’t that we invested because of the environment, It’s that we Persevered because of the environment And are other hotels following in your footsteps, or are you the sort of trailblazers in Las Vegas for doing this? Well, we like to think that we’re trailblazers, because we have been early adopters of many things in Las Vegas.

We hope that Las Vegas can be an example.

Wouldn’t that be a surprise if it was an example in leading the way in cities in the United States to be the most environmentally proficient that they can.


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