Solar Powered TV – powered by DIY solar power system – easy to make

hey there. this is a quick video to show 
you a small hooked up to my panel   . so this one only takes about 25 watts 
and I have the watt meter there showing that.   all you have to do hook it up to the  
strip and to the extension cord that runs to   your panel . in this case it's just 
a smaller 2 battery with an inverter   and a small charge controller. if you want 
to know how to set something like this up   just go to my video 'how to hook up '. 
it'll give you detailed instructions on where   to get this how to hook it up and all these 
things can come from just the local stores   now including the .

that is 6 1 
amp panels. they easily make panels now that   you can get 6 or 7 amps out of one panel. I 
just bought the two three panels sets from   harbor freight tools. so with a set up like 
this you can run a and a whole lot more.

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