RIT’s New Solar Array

[drone start-up sound and music] Cardinal>> Dr. Destler in 2009 signed the American College and University
Presidents Climate Commitment which was a commitment to carbon neutrality by
2050. Well… we don't want to settle for what everyone
else is doing so RIT set a commitment of 2030 with carbon
neutrality. And our carbon footprint is largely tied
to our energy consumption on campus – both our heating and cooling of buildings,
but also, largely, our electricity consumption.

Moore>> This unit will produce about 15 to 20
percent of our peak demand. It will be about 3 percent of our
total commodity of electricity. So we expect it to
produce that much – assuming we get a lot of sun and things like that. … while, you know, we focus on the grey
weather here, Rochester has enough sunny sunny days to really generate a decent amount
of energy. And the efficiency of the panels
is increasing to an extent where it's becoming economically viable and
you know we're standing here in the – in snow! – in the middle of winter as the
the panels are getting set up…

And its beautifully sunny and the panels that… the power lines are yet [to be] connected we're still waiting
for that… but they would be generating pretty much at full capacity because
it's the perfect angle for where the zenith is with the sun in the in the horizon right now. It is
coming at almost a perfect angle for for complete generation. So it's actually
a good… it's a good opportunity right now for us! Moore>> So this was offered to us by a
firm that was able to get money from New York
State to subsidize the solar array construction, and that
allowed us to buy power from them at a cheaper rate than we can buy it from
RG&E. So overall for us, it's a great effort in
sustainability, but the effort really started from a sense of saving money for the University Overall this is going to save money for the university for next twenty
years Cardinal>> So this is a great next step.

and a very visible commitment… but it
also makes financial sense. So it's really great in showing
that "triple bottom line" for us – about the economic, the environmental, and the social
piece of it. [Music].

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