(:Review:) Solar USB Battery Bank ~5000mAh~ Weather Resistant

Today, on gadget class, we’re taking a look at a portable power bank with solar and weather resistant capabilities. My main interest in this device is whether or not it’s actually going to be able to charge my devices via 100 solar on the go and just how weather resistant is it.

So those are my main to buying factors for this device, and I’ll tell you whether it’s worth that we’re not here in a minute, let’s take a look at the box and what you get inside.

Quality of life is change.

They probably contracted this box design out to a fortune cookie factory, pretty generic box.

You can get the same product all over Amazon and all over eBay.

I’ll put a link right up here in the corner and down in the description as well.

You can get them pretty cheap.

They’re around 10 bucks, nothing fancy and pretty inexpensive in the box.

You get an instruction manual written in both Chinese and English, pretty generic instructions they actually don’t even say anything about the solar and how well it works anything like that.

So it’s, basically just a generic power bank instruction manual, but they do give you a nice little short cheapo, cable for charging, both the device and your external devices as well. It does have two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously, although it is only 500 milliamp hours and it’s kind of weak.

You’re not going to end up being able to charge two devices at the same time very well, but the capability is there: if you want it in terms of weatherproof nests, these flaps are pretty flimsy and they do not fully Co.

You wouldn’t really want to rely on them keeping water out of the ports, and for that reason alone it is not very weather resistant.

Then you take and peel this back.

Oh my god.

Look at that big holes all over the place, and this is loose.

I mean that’s going to do a little bit.

It’s going to shed a lot of major water, but prolonged rainfall is just going to seep down in there start hitting the circuit board corroding contacts, maybe shorting things out, I mean all over.

You got holes everywhere, so it is maybe weather resistant to a small degree, but it is not weatherproof and it doesn’t I wouldn’t even give it an IP rating.

I guess you might have a small IP rating, but I wouldn’t trust it if you’re going to take this on a backpacking trip. Take some super glue glue these rubber bumpers on.

Do that seam right there down the middle, try to get it sealed up as much as you can and I’ll give it a little bit more wizard weather resistant, but in terms of weather proofing it’s not that great in terms of functionality.

It does work pretty well as your basic , I mean it’ll charge up a modern smartphone.

Like my samsung galaxy s5, it’ll charge it from critical battery all the way up to full within about two hours, but it’ll could drain this thing completely.

So it’s got about enough power to charge one modern smartphone and at that part of it does work pretty well.

The charging part works pretty well when it’s sitting out in the Sun.

You’ll see each of these lights flash and turn, but I’ve had this actually sitting outside getting six hours of light a day pointed directly at the Sun at an angle, and it is only up to the second power level and I’m.

Guessing it’s, probably not going to get much more than the third power level so for days in full Sun, and we’re only up to level two that’s not going to give you enough power to use your cell phone.

I mean it:’ll, give you emergency power, and if you got this along with you and you’re out there being chased by monsters, werewolves or zombies, and you want to set it in the Sun for four days and your bone is not a Jew.

So you could plug it in and and charge your phone a little bit, but it’s not going to be enough to get full use out of your phone. You’re not going to be using your phone as your video camera out in the woods.

Using this as your power source, it’s just not going to happen, so the question is being out in the full Sun.

Can you plug your phone in and have it even work at all? Well, we’re going to go outside here and test that now here we are outside.

It actually took three hours using both USB ports to charge both my Samsung Galaxy s5 and this Bluetooth speaker here took three hours to get down from the second power level.

All the way down to the point that it shut off, and so I actually had to wait till the next day to do this video.

It is a coming on three o’clock here.

So the Sun is not right overhead, but it should give us a good good power experiment here.

What I’ve got here is a samsung galaxy s2.

It is dead to the point that it will not turn on, and this here has been depleted to the point that it shut itself off.

So if we turn it on now, you’ll see the light. Is flashing blue, real fast? That means it is low.

One power barrier, the one power that means it’s about to shut off, and it just did because I was shaded.

Okay can’t shaded it all then make sure this starts charging it goes, it is charging.

I know that’s really hard to see with a Sun.

Let’s turn it on.

So the real question here is, if you’re out in the woods and your phone is completely dead and the power bank is completely dead.

Will you be able to use your phone to make a phone call, maybe even check the email or check your text? Maybe once a day, maybe just for light phone use, while you’re out in the woods all right, we’re on it, says charging 0, let’s see if we can make a phone call.

This phone is not activated, please contact customer services, so we made a phone call.

Let’s try something really really power hungry, let’s start Netflix turn on Wi Fi and it just shut itself off.

So we got pretty far there, but actually what happened is that this ran out of power. Let’s turn it back on.

We’re charging again turn it back on well.

At least we were able to make a phone call if you were being chased by zombies or werewolves.

You might be able to call for help, but this was completely dead.

If you let us sit in the Sun for a good hour, you’d probably be able to do a quick email check session.

Answer your text or check your voicemail.

That sort of thing, if you left it in the Sun all day long, you might be able to use it for 20 30 minutes, but it’s not going to be your primary power device.

If you want something that’s going to fully recharge your phone or your other gadgets, while you’re out in the woods you’re going to need something a little bit bigger.

It’s just not capable of fully charging anything, but it is good for emergency power.

It does act well as a normal power bank. The way the charging circuit is set up and with the lights and the button it works pretty well so all around it.

I’d give it probably an eight out of it eight out of ten.

Is it worth carrying it out in the woods I would say so unless you’re doing an extreme backpacking trip where every ounce counts it is, it is slightly heavy, but I think it would be worth it give you that extra little bit of power to Check your email answer, your phone calls and that sort of thing, while you’re out in the woods, so be sure to subscribe to the channel check out the link up here in the corner and down in the description below where you can get these on.

Amazon or Ebay real easy, you .

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