Renogy: How to connect your Solar Panels in Series and Parallel Pt. 1

thank you for visiting us here at renergie today in this video we will be showing you in and in for this video we will be using two 100 panels we're going to begin with a to wire our panels in parallel we will need our MC 4 branch connectors also known as Y connectors to begin our we're going to grab both of our positive leads which are readily identified by the indicator we grab our nc4 connector and we just plug it in like this next we're going to grab both of our negative leads we plug them into the other adapter now we have a positive lead and a negative lead and the next step would be to plug these in to our adapter kit now that we have our set up we are ready to attach our adapter kit to our panels you can use your either use the 9 inch adapter kit or the 10-foot adapter kit for this video we're just going to use the 9 inch deprecate since we're so close to our charge controller we're to take our positive connection and touch our abductor kit take our negative connection adapter if advocate and as you can see our bare wires are exposed and we are now ready to plug into the charge controller when your pedals are in direct sunlight and your these are exposed and you're running your wiring you just want to make sure not to cross these wires together because it could short out the diodes in the junction box since our 100 panels are rated at 12 volts our parallel connection now allows us to maintain a 12-volt system and we can connect to a 12-volt battery using a PWM charge controller now that we've covered the basics of our parallel connection we're going to transition into connecting our panels into a series connection we'll utilize a 24 volt system the first thing we're going to do for our serious connection is we're going to take our negative lead from one panel and our positively from the other panel in order to connect them together like so now over left with a positive lead we're left with a negative lead we're going to take our adaptor kit attach our positive lead like so we're going to put the adaptor kit on our negative lead like so now we are ready to plug our leads into our charge controller we've now just converted our 12-volt system into a 24 volt system now that we've connected our panels in and we have a 24 volt system we can now connect to a 24 volt battery bank using our PWM charge controller we've just showed you how to complete a connection using parallel and series if you have any more questions we encourage you to give us a call here's our information and we also want to let you know that soon in the near future we'll be including videos that will guide you to connecting a more complicated parallel and serious connection using three or more panels

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