Introduction to the Solar Energy Series (MOOC)

– [Narrator] Man's evolution
has depended for millennia on harnessing the power of the sun to grow the crops that feed us,
to offer warmth and shelter, and to monitor the passage of the seasons. As we enter a new millennium
in which our societies face critical challenges
arising from climate change, our relationship with the sun is about to take a dramatic new turn. The sun is an unlimited resource, delivering 430 quintillion, that's 430 billion
billion joules of energy to earth every hour, an amount that exceeds the
planet's annual energy needs. States across the nation are taking notice of this precious star's potential to serve as a non-polluting energy source. New York State's Green
New Deal, for example, promises 100% carbon-free
electricity by 2040. Initiatives like this require
expertise and manpower, and are driving explosive growth in the clean energy sector. (quiet cheerful music) This three-course series is offered by the Center for Industrial Effectiveness,
the outreach center for the School of Engineering
and Applied Sciences, in collaboration with SUNY
Erie's Workforce Training Continuing Education Program
and Direct Gain Consulting.

We've designed this primer
on the principles of solar or photovoltaic energy,
as a starting point for anyone considering a
career in the solar industry, particularly engineers, HVAC installers, architects and building code inspectors. We hope that you will enjoy
these lessons while gaining the broad perspective you need
to play an instrumental role in our new relationship with the sun..

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