Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Solar in 15 Minutes

Today, we're gonna install
the Spotlight Cam Battery in my back yard, and the Solar Panel. Okay, let's open up the
box and see what we've got. We have our Spotlight Cam, battery pack with the instructions, tools, a USB cable, and a mount. Okay, now let's open up the Solar Panel. With cord. Screwdriver and drill. Instructions, a mount.

And let's get to work. So, I've identified this spot right here. So we're gonna take the
mount and screw it in. All right, now that we have the mount up, we're gonna put the solar panel back on. Now we're ready to attach it to our Spotlight Cam. Let's just angle it up
more towards the sun. Undo the security screw. We're gonna pop this part off. And we're gonna slide the mount off. Okay, now we're gonna remove the weatherproof tab right here. And put this back. Leaving a spot to
screw-in our solar panel. Plug it in. There are two screws here. We're gonna screw those in.

Okay, now let's replace
the security screw. Okay, we put our solar panel
facing the sun over there. Now we're going to
re-mount our Spotlight Cam. Okay. And then now we're gonna tuck the wires. Okay, now we're good to go. I can see everything on
this side of the house and it's being charged
with the solar panel..

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