How to build a Solar Sauna Raft w. Colin Furze

Hello, I’m with Victron Energy in Gothenburg in Sweden, and we are currently installing solar modules on a sauna raft. Let’s take a closer look at that.

The reason why we put solar modules and a television on a sauna boat is because that Swedes love their saunas, but also theirs Team want to watch it win a gold medal in ice skating or skiing, But that’s for it, Electricity needed Mick.

Ronson’s team was with it busy installing the solar system.

On the raft.

There are solar modules on the roof, the wiring has been laid and there are still other components that have been installed so that the whole system works.

Let’s take a look at that and I’ll explain a little about it.

All the energy is stored in a battery.

However, it is not just any battery, it is the Victron LFE Smart battery, Exactly The lithium iron phosphate in this battery has great cyclic capabilities, which means you can reload them over and over again without losing capacity.

It’s also pretty cold here, and it can be reduce the battery’s ability to maintain its charge.

However, this does not lead to any problems here, because with the app you can always check how much energy is still available. It seems as if you would have guessed that the system would work in a sauna in a cold environment would be installed in the middle of a lake in Sweden.

Before we decide on a battery, we need to know what size we need For this.

We have to be clear which devices should be supplied with it.

In our example, we have two TV and a light For each consumer.

We need 50 watts, so a total of one hundred and fifty watts.

However, we can Make a little extra energy available, 100 watts extra to help you Can charge or supply cell phones or other small devices.

So now we have 250 watts in one Sauna per session.

You spend an average of 5 hours there and there are maybe two sessions a day That means 10 hours with 250 watts each.

If you add that up you get 2 500 watts or 2 5 kilowatt hours, So we need a battery which can supply us with 2 5 kilowatt hours.

Yesterday, these solar modules were installed on the roof. They were installed on aluminum profiles, as one Air gap under the solar modules for heat dissipation is an advantage Of course.

They should go to Point up towards the sun.

If present, Where has the sun gone? She is gone, However, one installs, not just any solar module.

You have to make calculations to choose the right one Calculations, So here we have our battery with 2 5 kilowatt hours that we want to recharge.

On average, you can expect around 5 5 hours of optimal sunlight per day.

If we split that up, a solar module with 600 watts should be enough for us, Victron puts online, a calculator is available with which one can calculate the best system for the respective location.

The EasySolar system that we are currently installing has an MPPT charger and a built in inverter.

However, if you are installing a permanent electrical system, you need a certified installer for insurance and security reasons, So I don’t.

Do it myself? I do it ordered him here.

You then also need a charge regulator and an inverter. The two are available in one housing.

The inverter converts basically converts the battery power into mains power and uses the charge regulator, an algorithm for finding the maximum power point MPPT, which is basically the energy from the solar modules to the battery, depending on the condition forwards.

Now we need to find the right size.

We have 600 watt solar modules and a 12 volt battery.

If we divide 600 by 12, we get 50.

So we need a charge regulator with 50 amps.

If you need help with this calculation, click the link below and contact your local Victron dealer.

Ok, now everything is assembled.

The solar modules are on the roof the battery and that Inverter charger are also available.

Last but not least, this must be the color control device. Be attached to the wall Here you can find all the information read off.

Our battery is at 100 and we are drawing 24 watts from the Solar modules.

It’s, not that bright, which is great, and this value here is zero watts That’s, because we didn’t connect any devices.

That will be our next task.

So now everything is connected.

Let’s test it three, two one! Yes! Now we can have a sauna party And off with the coats Voil A solar powered floating sauna, Maybe a crazy idea, but it works.

Thank you for your attention.


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