How Durable Are Solar Panels? | Solcius Solar

hey one of the main questions we get is how durable are today we're going to throw you through the solar panel through a series of tests to show you just how durable they are [Music] as you saw i threw this basketball about 40 miles per hour at that solar panel and there's not even a scratch on it for our next test we're gonna have three people walk over it with different body weights and it still won't break 220 baby once again not even a crack or a scratch on the solar panel now on to the scooter test okay so we drove a scooter over it walked on it and we've thrown a basketball on it still no scratches and not even a crack heavy piece of wood thrown at the solar panel right not a scratch what are we up to now we've thrown a basketball at it we've walked over it we've rode a scooter over it we've hooked a piece of wood at it and it survived multiple swings from a shovel bottom line is are very durable and it can take a lot of abuse but for the sake of science on to the sledgehammer yeah this very sledgehammer has done multiple demolition days on multiple houses [Music] as expected the sludge hammer destroyed the solar panel but unless it's raining sledgehammers where you live i wouldn't be worried [Music] you

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