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Green SOLAR TECH, CO LTD, https navitas en taiwantrade com Come to us with your thoughts and problems. We make customer idea come true, Tailored OEM Solutions, Efficient and Constructive problem.

Solving Troubleshooting face to client with patient Professional technical skill to create a new product, A subsidiary of Green Solar Tech, CO LTD Navitas.

It is pledge A pledge of Reliability and efficiency, Utilize engineering skills, Quality control, Outstanding project management, Product planning To bring you the best service.

Lvds Cables, eDP Cables, Touch Cables, Backlight Cables and FFC; FPC Application for LCD TVs, automotive, infotainment system, industrial cameras and machine vision, notebook and tablet.

Computer and communications system, High speed, video graphic video camera data transfer and general purpose.

Computer buses Circular M8, M16, M15, M5, M12.

M9: M23 Overmolded Waterproof Cable Assemblies Applications, including Electronics, manufacturing, Industrial factory, automation, Robotics, Industrial machinery, Process control systems, Industrial automation, technologies, manufacturing process control, Medical and industrial network Power and Signal Wiring, Harness High contact density for signal and power applications, Coaxial Cables.

Its applications include a transmission line for radio frequency signal Feedlines, connecting radio transmitter Receivers to their antenna.

Computer network connection, Digital audio S, PDIF, Distribution of cable television signal https navitas en taiwantrade com, GREEN SOLAR TECH, CO LTD, .

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