A new redeployable solar technology for commercial tenants


So we recognized a major gap in the market, a market that wanted solo, but it wasn’t being provided in the way it needed a lot of industrial roofs, rented, and so it’s very hard for the tenants to make a long-term commitment to solo sole pod is a Prefabricated rooftop solutions, so we assemble it in a warehouse under strict quality control, bring it on a truck crane it onto the roof and with we’ve installed the panels in it in a day of work.

I’M sorry we’re really proud of what we’ve done. We’Re so low because it’s the first relocatable rooftop system really cost-effectively those industrial rubes, 50 % of rooftops in Australia – that it’s just currently untapped. So this this will really open up that market. So we’re currently at high point shopping center, which is owned by GPT.

One of the leading property groups in Australia, so the SOL pod concept means that GPT can commit to without committing to it being on this particular roof for the next 20 years. is is cheaper than the grid, but it’s not cheaper. If you have to scrap it after five years or ten years, the inability to relocate traditional, arrays, once they’re installed, has been a major barrier to solar investment at high point shopping centre, the low costs in the ability for the Sol pod installation to be moved. If we need access to the roof for a major development has been a major, decisive factor in GPT choosing be part of this pilot program. is supporting us with a 25 site program of which this is one, and that will enable us to fast-track our commercialization and extend this offer to other businesses around Australia sooner.

So we very much appreciate the support of weaving cell but revolutionised solar, further property industry. It is a world first and it’s an amazing thing to see an idea come into a drawing come into a 220 tons of crane and over you know one of Melbourne. Stop shopping centres, it’s Billy.

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