Voltaic 18 Watt Solar Power Laptop Battery Kit – Unpacking Video

Hello, this is dare now from bicycle turn procom, and I got something new in the mail today and I wanted to show it to you before. I actually put it on my bike. This is a short unboxing video. Essentially so those of you that have been following know that I have been using this solar panel from a company called voltaic to power, my ipod touch and GoPro video camera and a few other things on my latest bike tour.

I use this small solar panel. It’s. The voltaic 4 watt fuse – and I use this on my recent 2 year – bicycle tour around Europe, Africa and North America. So there’s that then I recently upgraded to this.

This is the the voltaic fuse 10 watt solar panel, and you need this in order to charge a laptop or a tablet or something much bigger than than a smartphone. So this is, you can see the size comparison here, significantly larger, and this doesn’t easily fit on the back of a bicycle, although it does fit it’s, just a little large inside.

Both of these cases, I should mention, is a battery that you charge with the panel, so this is the inside. This is the small battery that you’re charging with this panel and this the 10 watt here has a much larger battery inside it’s hard to see, but this is the battery for the 10 watt much much larger, much heavier As well so those are those two panels inside this box, however, is something new, and I haven’t even opened this myself.

So this is what I’m, going to show you, I’m, going to open it right now. So first thing out is the battery, and this battery comes with all of the components that you might need for your solar panel. Let me show you here so here’s, the battery and it’s, the exact same thing that was in the fuse 10 watt that I just showed you a second ago me trying to rip it out there.

It is so that’s, the that’s. The battery and again it’s, pretty heavy it is, but for a long distance bike tour, you probably wouldn’t, feel this weight on you. So much put this back now. These are all the adapters and accessories for the battery.

These are a bunch of adapter plugs. This is a charger, so you can charge your battery quickly rather than using that via solar panel. If you want to even just plug it into the wall and charge the battery so that you’ll have that battery available.

Once you get out into the wilderness, there’s, a bunch of extra USB adapters and similar things and car adapters, etc. So those are, I’m just going to leave them out here that’s. The battery component of this, I’m, going to throw these above her inside here yeah.

So what this is the this is the fuse box, essentially these the wiring, that you need to connect to your panels to the battery, so that this is very important. It looks like there are two of them in here, then these are the individual panels.

That’s, all that’s, all that’s in the box. So these are the panels. Let me open one. I’ll open this one and they’re, pretty light. Actually, they feel like a kitchen tile basically, and they’re about the size of a six by nine book, or so so that’s.

The panel, which is actually now that I look at it here, you’re, shaped a little bit differently than these. I was kind of thinking they would be the same size, but they’re actually larger, which makes me wonder: hmm yeah, so it looks like two of these is about the same surface area as the three panels that’s on the Fuse 10 watt, which is interesting, so there’s, three panels that come with this kit and the battery all of the components and the fuse box, essentially that you need to connect all of it together, so that’s.

It just a quick unwrapping, video yeah, so thanks for watching and the next time you see this, I will have this somehow connected to my bicycle. You