Tutorial 0: Introduction Video For Solar technical training tutorial series

Hello friends. Today, we can observe many changes in the environment. Emission of CO2 is increasing Global warming is becoming prominent and due to climate change season cycle has been disturbed Every country is exploiting natural resources to such an extent, that it would get vanished soon. And the future generations will have a bad impact of the same The only solution to all of these problems is using renewable energy as much as posssible And in this sector, solar energy is growing rapidly. But in this field, there is a lack of knowledge That is why we are going to start a technical training series Through which solar entrepreneurs, solar startups, solar companies , and solar enthusiasts will be benifited And the end users will get a good quality and well efficient solar power plants.

The technical video series that we will be providing, will be made freely available So that more and more people can gain this knowledge and can implement the same in the real life The initiative of this video series is taken by team Heaven Solar Heaven solar energy is a solar startup company that is working in this field since one and a half year. The company has a mission to make India a leading country in the field of renewable energy. To achieve this mission, we are making a video tutorial series In which, we will share the complete technical knowledge of on-grid solar plant from basic to the implementation stage For example : how does a solar plant work; what are the components used and how it's detailed engineering is performed.

We hope that you would like this video series We too hope that you will support us in this mission And subscribe to get the updates of further videos And if you too, just like us, support green energy then do like, share and comment your views on this video..

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