Solar Oven Pizza box Experiment – Solar oven project/Solar Cooker

welcome back to kids fun science my name's Ken today's experiment is the solar oven as always adult supervision is required what you need for this experiment is a pizza box a skewer foil tape ruler plastic wrap black paper box cutter and a hot day which I have as today is a 104 degrees in Northern California so we're going to do the solar oven to set this up I'm going to do treated from experiments the first ones with a pizza box and the second one is a regular box so I'm going to outline the pizza box about an inch away from all the corners and so you all for those corners like this and then you're going to take a box cutter and cut that out so that way all the lines traced out we're gonna use a box cutter and be very careful box cutter can cut you very badly so have adult supervision and we're gonna cut out three sides so the front of the box that pivots up when I'm cutting right now and the two sides not cutting the back part of it you just want to stop about an inch in there and then you can flip it up just like this so you don't cut all four sides but if you do you could just tape it on anyway so there it is that flips up just like that and then now we're going to take some aluminum foil and we're going to foil the piece that we just flipped up so go ahead and pull out a piece of foil and you lay it on the back just a little bit bigger than the flipped up piece itself you're gonna fold it over and then we're gonna use scotch tape or any kind of tape to tape it to the top part of the box which I'll show you in just a second so now I got the top part of the piece that we cut out and now I'm just taping it so it stays on securely it's better to have the tape on the outside and then inside the oven because of any toxic fumes that could come off the tape which shouldn't really but this way we're more safe because the tape is always going to be to the outside of the oven and so I'm going to tape that all the way so it doesn't rip off and then once I get that done we are set on that piece of it right here and that's the the part that the sun's gonna see so now we're going to make like a glass window so we're using plastic wrap saran wrap and we're gonna go over the top of it and we're gonna tape it down you want this stretched out nice and tight now my piece wouldn't cover the whole box so eh I could have measured the box and just cut the piece if I was really smart ahead of time and had it fit this piece but you can use two different pieces that I'm going to show you here and so make sure you pull that tight and then what we're going to do is tape the sides and then we're going to come back and tape the bottom and then we'll add a second piece in in just a second so end up finishing the taping up a little fast here and then I taped all the sides and then I'm going to add a second piece so now I've got a second piece on there too now I flip it all the way upside down and I'm gonna put a second piece of plastic or saran wrap on the bottom part because you do not want any air get in or out and so this will be helpful this is optional you don't have to do this but I find it seemed it works pretty good for me and it doesn't take a look on the do so same thing gets your saran wrap put it in you're gonna use two pieces again tape it all the way down cut it out so it fits in and I will speed it up and we'll get to the point where I finish I'll put it in fast motion here and we will get that piece done and cut it off and then tape this perish really quick and then I add one more piece to complete the whole thing so now I've got my plastic lid over the cutout portion now I'm going to layer the inside of the pizza box so the foil is covering the whole bottom of the box so you kind of just want it to fold over to the end and then you're gonna cut the aluminum foil just about halfway to the side of the box so we can tape it down again you really don't need to tape it but I find after you move it around a little bit is a little bit better if we tape it so then you're gonna also have a second piece right here that you're gonna cover up the rest of it so once we get the first piece here I am going to cut the foil or you could actually just measure it right the first time where I I didn't measure it right the first time and then you're just going to tape that piece right here and you're going to do this on the same on both sides so I will speed it up and we'll get this done so I'm doing this side right here I got a fast forward so it's going quick I'm gonna put I cut the piece this time as being smart and learning from my mistakes the first time cut it in so it fit in just right I don't use any tape on the inside but I'm going to tape the outsides of them so it holds down then you're gonna cut out a piece of black paper put it on the bottom of the pan and then I just took a regular pipe tin and put my s'mores now the recipe is a little bit different here instead of putting the chocolate the graham cracker chocolate the marshmallow when you use a solar oven I find it better if you use the graham cracker marshmallow chocolate because the marshmallow you need to cook a little longer so it works better this way but you can try it both ways and you're just gonna close the the pizza box and if you feel like it's not closing all the way you can tape the sides on temporarily like you can see mine's not really holding there so I'm gonna end up taping those sides down and then now I've got those sides taped you take your skewer and you put it in there's little holes on the side of the pizza box prop it up against the little lid we have there and we're gonna tape that in once we get into the Sun you want it to angle the exact angle so you can see there's enough reflection coming down so therefore hence the name is solar oven the the piece standing up is going to reflect down into the tray and the heat is going to come up and cook your shmores I did a second box here this box is a little deeper it's just a regular box it could be any size all's I did was full lining it all with foil and then I put a little corner edges around so it kind of goes all the way around that's optional tape down all the outside of the foil no tape on the inside and then I put black on the bottom and then a pipe and I tipped upside down I also put a thermometer in there so we can see the temperature this time and then I covered it completely with with saran wrap and taped it so it's completely sealed in and I believe this is going to cook a lot faster because it has more area of aluminum so I've got two different solar ovens going at the same time we started off at zero it's already at over one hundred and fifty degrees inside that box so we'll see where it gets to so while I'm waiting for my snack to be done I'm going to explain the science behind this so the solar cooking is done by the means of the sun's UV rays it is not the sun's heat that cooks the food nor is the outside temperature though this can somewhat affect the rate of the time required to cook as today being very hot but rather it's the sun's rays that are converted into heat energy that cooks the shmores or other food so the heat of the Sun is trapped inside the box or the pizza box and it starts getting very hot ovens like this work also called collector boxes because they collect a sunshine inside as it sits out in the Sun our oven eventually heat up enough to melt cheese or or even cook a hot dog or like shmores like we're doing how does this all happen well the Rays of the light are coming to the earth on an angle the foil reflects those rays and bounces them directly into the open box once it's gone through the plastic wrap it heats up the air that is trapped inside remember we sealed the plastic saran wrap the black paper absorbs the heat in the bottom of the oven so solar ovens can reach up to by 200 degrees Fahrenheit which today we got to 225 on a sunny day and it could take a lot longer to heat things in a conventional oven although this method will take longer it is very useful and easy and it is safe to leave a long wire energy from the Sun cooks your food this is a s'more from the pizza box oven solar oven and you can see the marshmallows very gooey and the chocolate is extremely melted and then I will show you the other box all right so here we are warm at 225 degrees pull out our s'more an hour past your solar oven thanks for watching remember to click thumbs up and just subscribe

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