Solar energy as an inexhaustible source of clean energy | ACCIONA

a new day dawns sunlight caresses the Earth's surface impregnating it with its energy life would not be possible without it at Oksana we know how to make use of the Sun as an inexhaustible source of clean energy capable of moving the world today without jeopardizing tomorrow with more than 40,000 employees worldwide the app Tianna group is a pioneer in development and sustainability and a world leader in renewable energies accion a solid part of the group's energy division devotes all its human and technological resources to providing energy-efficient solutions which harness the energy of the Sun both through large-scale facilities and building integrated systems and Fiona solar has pioneered an original photovoltaic facility concept the welter Soler Huerta's Allah belongs to a group of photovoltaic module owners who share in placement infrastructures and services in order to optimize overall performance and make management easier a fusillade sees to the entire planning design paperwork construction management operation and maintenance of the facility the huerta solid model has proven highly successful in both energy and economic terms while making investment in renewable energy accessible to the man in the street proof of this the long list of customers who have relied on oxy on Isola to become clean energy producers and actively contribute to the struggle against climate change accion Isola has demonstrated its ability to complete large-scale photovoltaic projects and become a world leader in its sector it is the company with greatest experience in solar tracking in the world the installation of a cortisol R is the result of a complex process involving numerous specialists from different fields of expertise experience and coordination are essential in order to execute each stage of the process effectively from selecting a suitable location to connection to the grid to deliver the energy generated one of the main components is the brewski solar tracker developed by Akiane Solara and designed to rotate to follow the course of the Sun and thereby optimize performance when the Huerta Solar has been built the enclosure is environmentally restored from the moment in which the facility is connected to the grid and handed over to the owners a fara operation and maintenance protocol and exhaustive analysis of the data recorded guarantee maximum energy harnessing performance in addition to promoting the creation of wealth ocellaris oksana has also installed and operates significant photovoltaic facilities on its own property the Tudela solar plant opened in 2001 was at the time the most powerful fully monitored facility with solar tracking in Spain passing the all-important megawatt landmark the facility has an experimental area which has allowed it to test the performance of solar modules employing a range of technologies and made by different manufacturers seven years later the photovoltaic plant installed in a marilhea Mura Portugal multiplies the power of the tudela plant by 46 making it the largest in the world each year the Ameri layer plant will produce the equivalent of the energy consumed by 30,000 homes without polluting the atmosphere a real technological achievement which bolsters the Ana's position of leadership in the sector and confirms its commitment to harnessing renewable sources to generate energy cleanly safely and efficiently

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