Solar Box v3.0 1-Week Stress Test

hi everyone this is a long-term one-week test solar box version 3.0 and we've been using it for 48 hours now and it's been pretty cloudy for most of the day we've got two inches of rain another day did you see at the moment we got spotty coverage and we actually got a little bit of Sun at the moment here at the solar panel is uh sitting right there nice and happy and the actual box here's the box I showed another video earlier you can see at the moment we're getting about 144 150 watts paint on how much the cloud cover is going battery is actually almost charges about 95% has to head up 14 4 before it's fully charged that's how much power the amperage that the power the panel's putting in and right now we've been running the portable fridge freezer for the last two days on it and also running camping fan inside here and charging our cellphones and in the 48 hours we've probably never gone under 80 percent charge so so we'll keep an eye on it and give you another update in the day and see how well Affairs since I'm also allowing other campers to use the power to charge cell phones tablets the kids games and stuff like that and we showed up two days early so all the campers are showing up now so it should be interesting to see how good of a stress test this box can do on less than optimum sunny conditions everyone it's 8 o'clock in the morning but it got to be a little quiet because you're on earth most of the other campers are still sleeping I want to show you a system after running for 4 days and before it really gets Sun in the morning the charge so we've been warning for about 46 hours gone through four nights with no Sun still running the the freezer all the time I want to show you what the battery state is before it gets a good dose of Sun during the daytime so it's kind of real quick you can see overnight if it not running right now the battery's still at twelve point three and the solar panels are getting about nine watts doesn't roll you have a lot of Sun on her right now and if you see where the Sun is it's still kind of good about another hour before it tops over that tree and gives me some full Sun also what's going show you what the freezer looks like here just shut off at the 15 degrees right now like suicide pitch running great I kept waking her up so this is day four as soon as Sun comes out Ola do another little quick video on this and show charging about a hundred fifty hundred six hundred seventy watts it might actually hit two hundred at first before the solar panel warms up and D rates a little bit so I'll be back in like an hour too and show you how good it charges but like 12 amps or so and it kicks the batteries up really quick okay it's about an hour hour and a half later since I last checked in with you and the solar panel is now fully in the Sun so let's check the charge controller and see what it's done in that hour and a half just starting to get full Sun you can see right now since the Sun is not all the way at solar noon yet and we're still only about 9:30 right now I have a 200 watt panel we're getting 146 getting 10 amps of charging current into the battery the battery is already up to 13 5 now it sounds like is fully charged but remember this charge controller needs to bring up the 14 for B to fully charge the battery and then it will bring it down to 13 3 to float it and nothing's running right now so all 10 amps is going directly into the battery ok everyone it's been 7 days now and we've had torrential rain and some Sun this is the final update on the one-week torture test for the solar box but just to show you the refrigerator is still running on it it's at 18 degrees right now the solar panel after the Sun went down last night is actually sitting on top of the car we unplugged it so we can start packing up for this morning and overnight the panel is now sitting at 12 – sittin at 12 – and everything's off at the moment they so honestly I would say definitely at least in the summer time as long as you get to 3 hours with a Sun a day this is the properly sized system to run the refer refrigerator freezer constantly run a fan charge batteries and you could basically just stay off grid height Rihanna hold on but not honestly about a 200 watt solar panel a 100 amp hour deep cycle battery is a good sizing for this type of load again we can probably go at least 3 days without even having the solar handle plugged in and surprisingly even when it was really cloudy during the daytime like no shadows whatsoever I would still get 20 to 30 watts at the 200 watt solar panel I'm so surprised as long as you have it plugged in all the time it does help keep the battery trickle charged in between the compressor turning on and off for the refrigerator so this is our experience it works great it's perfect for camping or emergencies hurricane comes up the East Coast and it takes out the power put the panel out and you can still have fresh food without spoiling you can keep your communications charged up so if you have any questions you know where to leave them down below thanks

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