Minecraft Mods: The Pioneers 1.8.9 Modpack | Extra Utilities 2 Grid Power | E7 (Modded SSP)

hello my name is aekta and welcome back to the pioneers one point eight point nine modpack ha ha ha ha look at the boomerang I love it I'm still loving this it's is the coolest thing ever so how is everyone doing hope you're doing well and the creeper somewhere under there now last episode last episode we we did we hook this up so I'm trying to get some more resources down we're how is any any any mobs now so it's doing alright it's doing ok I added a second chest just because it was this one was kind of filling up obviously mainly cobble but you know it's alright no no I hit that much copper a little bit and some iron we're also starting to get and we're also starting to get some coal now so you know it's it's kind of going it's it's slow but that's fine that's fine for now that is fine and the big thing right now and is I need I need ender pearls I need in the post now I got to I got to with the old method of just kind of going out in a flat area and I went up there um kind of fairly flat out there and just waited the night out spent a few nights trying to just get any poles and I got to go to which is enough for me for this episode and I know I said I was gonna go into the nether but we're not not because this does cool things to do and so so what are we doing you might ask well I want to get more into extra utilities to this we need one of these bad boys so I need some sticks like oh I've got no wood not one single bit of wood okay okay well that's fine wow wow let's get some wood let's get something we can do that how is everyone doing by the way I hope you're having a grand old day um I'm doing pretty good today like not not a bad day not a bad day at all which is nice also just in case just in case b-ball the the crater of this pack and it keeps leaving some really good tips and for me it kind of helped me out with some blood magic stuff so it just in case you are watching and thank you very much for that that is really helpful and especially as you know like I said in the last episode it's you know plain a new pack is cool and new mods and everything but it's sometimes hard to kind of find out all the information that you need is all that that'll be a foul be enough so I'm very very thankful to him for that and sooo now let's get in here where are we we need we need some sticks let's stick it up there we go and we need a glass cutter BAM okay so what this does what this does it gives us in the shards and gives us eight end of charge which looks really cool I like that I like that I think we need to probably do both of those but I can't quite remember so one of the things that we need to make and I can't actually remember even how to make them solar panel there we go it's different from the neotec solar panels it gives em the base power is is GP and a caramel it stands for and it was going to be something different at one point and but there you go so we need a polish stone which is just kind of brick basically so let's um let's get I've got some I've got some cobble we can put it in the furnace over here where electric furnace and let's let's throw a stock in BAM and let's let that go okay very good and we need some like this I saw I think I have some lapis yes yes I do excellent stuff and actually I need I need more anything what am i doing i nee where's the like this where's the lapis let's just take all of it I hope I have enough now I am and I need a resonating redstone crystal which we use an ender shard and then we use redstone okay okay so so so so lose mana stone that's in here as kept going okay so one of these look at that look at how awesome that is oh I like that I like that a lot like that yes okay Tech restart yeah look at that and we need we need the stone that we've just made let's go collect that bum very nice very nice there we go there we go okay so should have everything to at least make oh no voice down okay oh one that makes three okay we should be good who should be good so we make bricks like that and then for make polished stone so so we can make one of these yeah achievement gets Olaf Anna okay so now I need I do need to make some more of these but just for now hey where shall we go where shall we make put these down and let's do it over here so what happens is I know a grid power that's what it's done so so you can see now I've got grid power and you can see the little tooltip um just there any and this hooks up no matter what dimension you are in this is basically always constant and it kind of stacks up it stacks up so I've got grid power 0 a3 and I think that's because the sun's there maybe I need to not put that there actually let's let us let us maybe if I go up here let's see if that makes any difference oh yeah this is now a thing as well however if I showed this in the last episode that is okay okay okay okay let's go up here let's try it out huh what about if I take all of this off I'm really not too bothered about aesthetics in this series and I'm kind of I'm more interested in kind of messing around with the mods so now Jonah still 0 a 3 I'm not sure why exactly maybe maybe the sun's down a bit too much but I need to make some more okay let's go down the normal way that's fine that's fine we can do that we can do that okay so so so so we need we need two more of those oh look at that that's so cool I really like that two more of those bam bam make that twice more bam and bam there we go excellent let's put that back up we're gonna have to sleep in a moment that's fine you can do that we can do that let's put these up here okay so wantem bump bump so we should have one two three four five nine yes so zero of nine power-generating one so each of these should generate one power and I'm not really sure why this is zero out of nine I don't know um but now the next thing we need to make next in we need to make is the resonator so let's let's look at how we make this resonator as there it is there is okay so block of coal and another one of these do those some iron okay that's not too bad that's not too bad so that's like one of these and this is kind of like the resonator it's kind of like the QED kind of a little bit um so it opens access to other kind of crafting type things so what else we need is that it resonator yes there we go power resonator excellent excellent excellent let's put that up here wow so many creepers near my base I don't like that I don't don't like that I don't like that at all how are we all right up here yes yes we are okay and let's put that there for that one okay and I might just sleep and then get back to you what I have slept just to make sure that everything's well so I'll see you in a second okay we're back we're back is daylight okay so the grid power works basically this is generating power it's just that I'm using non of it right now that's what that is the zero out of nine so each of these produces one GP grid power and what we need now so what we can do is put this polish stone in and then you'll start to see this is using and and it needs eight eight GP to be able to use this so there you go eight Annie and it makes us one so this is it's a weird system but it does make sense and so this always basically is around for us to use and if you don't have enough GP then you can't make the item so if you look at the recipe and it says look resonating it to make it in a resonator and you need eight GP so you need that at all times to be able to make this so I'm not sure if I can just whack that in let's just do that many maybe actually that many because I need a few bit so I need few bits to make a windmill and this generates GP power from wind which makes sense and it's just a little bit more than one GP so kind of kind of quite useful so you can see now it's being used so I couldn't make like another resonator now and make more because it's kind of using all my GP basically so the thing I want to get into and this is kind of why I'm starting it now is if we have a look at angel there we go is the old angel rings are back and if you look at it now it's being changed it's not free anymore essentially you need 32 GP for it to run and you need to have that power at all times you need to set aside a part bit of your grid power just to be able to fly at all time so so I wanted to start to get this kind of up and running because I want to I want to have an angel ring you know that is it's modern I want to fly and look at the recipe it's it's changed quite significantly so we have one of these resonating red sand crystals again which is we've already made that and some stained glass which is fine some gold and now we have these two things golden lasso which you of course know that's the same kind of thing with a bat with a bat so that's quite important and then a cursed lasso with a ghast so you make the cursed lasso you can oh no I can't look at that okay let's that's I can't look at that because it's got gas in it so go and look at the cursed lasso I need a golden lasso with a with a skeleton skull so that's why I'm kind of holding off on the nether just for now we'll need to go in there at some point a golden lasso is made from that like that and ender poles so in the poles are starting to become a thing like I need I need ender poles and I have kind of seen there aren't ways of making this and end the shots from resourceful crops that is probably something I'm gonna want to do and I do want to get into resourceful crops and in the crystal I'm not sure kind of how that works and nebulous Hart and this end there's lower seeds as well lily seeds if we look at that and you can't get them from plant drops that is not gonna happen and the dungeon drops it's like just under yeah 5.7% so it'd have to get really lucky to find some ender lilies and which is I just don't think that's gonna happen so I think resourceful crops is something I'm gonna try and do at some point now how much have I got I've got 20 how many windmills can I make how many I can't remember how much I needed I needed six and I got how much 20 so if I did another – yeah and then I don't know for huh what am i home at four there we go and then that should give us that so that is kind of what I'm kind of getting into that's where I'm going for and I think I need to find some guy a knight that guy in and yeah guy and I essence and I'm not I'm really not sure so far oh okay so it's just in cause I know I can't remember how to bring up how to bring up the war what level it spawns on because I need to go mining for this this would be something good to have because I would like to get into that and I could grow some ender pearls then without having to kind of go to the nether and do all of that business and not the nether the end and I kind of don't really why I just I don't know it's it's a whole lot of faff and I'm not sure I can be bothered with that really sir windmill windmill let's go back to windmill wind wings not wince when oh wow come on come on there we go okay what do we need so we need another resonating dual Hickey so let's make one of that and then we need one of these so redstone torch so let's make some redstone torches need more sticks in fact let's just convert all of these let's make that money um I think let's make 16 come on 16 like that there we gooo very nice very nice and let's make a batch of them oh I wish you could kind of and I wish you could like put a load in like that you know like you can in a normal crafting table that's the only kind of thing about the dual craft room I'm not I'm not that fond of so we've got four of those and for now for now I could use some more of these really couldn't I how many more can I make two more okay well that's that's about right Oh Oh interesting it did it then and I think I think it's because I accidentally shift clicked it in Oh so you can do that so if I if I shift right what well that was a okay let's block that off uh-huh well that was a exciting thankfully that because I've got a villager here they often can I go for the villages which is actually pretty handy pretty handy for zombies and okay so you can shift click into that the dual crafter from this which is from the transfer items that is that is handy sake if I do that yes there you go shift clicking works hahahahahaha okay let's go up up there now let's get this oh we are almost there let's just sleep quickly and sleep quickly and and this of course the solar panels only work during the daytime obviously because it's from the Sun whereas windmills and all the time this is why I kind of wanted to get into something that wasn't just solar and so when I put these out as well they stack up with the solar panels so I should have another well for at least so letters let's start where shall we shall we do this what is this North's oh yeah okay so like that there we go Bam Bam like that and there we go we've generating that much grid power now so you can see it's kind of so it's getting a bit less rubbish and but it should it should kind of you know it should it should it fluctuates basically so so that's cool that is something I'm gonna see we're gonna export and and I will get back to you okay right I'm back I'm back so I've been looking in to just enough resources which gives me things like this and so it kind of tells you where the best kind of place to find the ores is and what it does not do alas it's at least not like I can find it doesn't give you non vanilla oils which I was kind of hoping so I could look into and where to get em Diane I which is what we need to get into resourceful crops and so I can't I can't find that and but I have noticed that there is another variety so that could be the thing that we do next episode I go into the nether we need to find a nether fortress we need to find a probably a blaze spawner and then I need to go mining Fortin for guy and I I think that's probably where we'll go next episode so thank you very much and if you do know where it spawns in the overworld I've just had a quick google but I literally cannot find the answer and but I'll look more into it but if you do happen to know then let me know in the comments below likewise if you did enjoy this episode I like a comment is always of course for appreciates that make sure to subscribe and for more more pioneers modpack as for me I have been actor this has been the pioneers and I'm liking extra utilities too so far I think it's cool I quite like this grid power I think it's passive passive kind of power I think like this I'm I like a lot so yeah there you go thank you very much for watching and I'll see you next one bye bye

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