Micro Wind Turbines… Are They Worth It? (Off Grid Solar)

How’s? It going guys we’re back at it again with another video. My name is handyman, so the guys are just laying down the rebar for the garage, so the forms are built. We’re gonna be pouring the slab tomorrow, so you’ll, see another video on on the update of the off grid steel garage on Friday, very exciting.

So before I start today’s, video I just want to quickly mention that I’m gonna, be speaking at the home setting life conference August 12th to 13th in Hannibal Missouri. It is going to be an awesome event.

Off-Grid with Doug and Stacy are organizing the entire thing there’s. Gon na be a wide variety of speakers there. If you want to connect with me, ask questions that’s. What I’m gonna, be there for, and it’s going to be an awesome event.

I’ll, have a link in the description box and in the comments. If you want to learn more about the event, so a common question that I get regarding our off-grid solar setup is whether or not I’m, going to be installing a small wind turbine to provide some supplemental power to the batteries and to the Overall system so doing wind turbines on the large scale, so the biggest ones that you typically see out in the farm fields that are connected directly to the utilities.

That’s, an effective way of doing of generating power from wind. Doing it. On a much smaller scale is not necessarily very cost effective. It can actually be much easier and cheaper to just install some extra panels to compensate for any of the power that would have been generated through a wind turbine.

So we’re gonna go into detail about why micro wind turbines are not really a good idea for a small off-grid setup. Liam wrote a really good article in DIY homestead projects going into more detail about what i’m gonna go over.

So the first issue that we’re gonna look at is going to be the wind velocity or speed. So liam pulled up some numbers here on a two kilowatt wind turbine for our very often, but when you do, you know you’re, going to be able to generate those 1,000 watts to compare that to my solar panels.

You would just need four solar panels that are sitting there stationary and they’re gonna be getting sun every single day, so that’s, a very easy way to quickly compare a wind turbine to some solar panels.

So the issue here is that throughout mostly united states, excluding some places in wyoming and the midwest is that there are not the consistent wind speeds that you’re, going to need in order to generate a significant amount of power.

So the next issue that you’re, going to be running into is the height of the wind turbine, so the higher that you typically build it, the smoother and more consistent. The winds are going to be now for the Missouri, wind and Sun generator that we’re that we’re, using kind of as like a case study here, is that they want you to build that that winds her by an sixty Five feet tall so not like ten feet: tall, not 20 feet tall 65 feet in the air, so that wind turbine and the tower supporting it.

It’s. Gon na need to be able to withstand some pretty serious winds and when you’re building a tower that tall. Obviously it’s, not something that you could probably easily do it yourself. So there’s, going to be extra cost involved in hiring companies to be able to do that.

For you, the other thing is building a tower. Sixty-Five feet tall that has to withstand some pretty it’s, some pretty strong winds. That’s, not going to be cheap either. The third thing is: why would you want to install this huge wind turbine is unsightly wind turbine on your property when you can just easily mount solar panels to your roof or do a ground mount system? So you’re, also going to need a high power, rectifier and a diversion load.

So when your batteries are fully topped up and the windows blowing, you need something to basically divert the power that is being generated from the wind turbine so that it doesn’t go into the batteries because, basically, what’s going to Happen is your wind turbines.

It’s, going to blow up [ Music ]. So with all these little extras, the price starts. Buh-Buh-Buh keeps going up installing a few extra solar panels at this point probably sounds like a much better idea.

I know it does to me so the third and last issue that you’re, going to be running into I ‘ Ve got a fourth one as well, but it’s, the surface area of the propellers. So if you have more surface area on the propellers, you need a slower wind speed in order to generate the same amount of power.

So if you’ve got a small little wind turbine, you’ve got to basically rely that there’s, going to be very high, wind velocity, so the bigger that you go with the wind turbine, the slower, the wind Velocity needs to be so.

It gets to a point where the capital costs of installing a huge gargantuan wind turbine that is unsightly. Will it be unsightly to me at least on my property? Is the capital cost involved it just doesn’t really start it.

Just doesn’t really make any sense. It makes a lot more sense to just invest in more panels or possibly to invest in some more battery storage, so that, if you are experiencing times where you’re, not getting a lot of Sun and maybe it’s like stormy Out or during the winter time, then you have more energy collected so that you can go through those periods where you’re, not going to be generating a lot of power from your solar panels.

On top of that, you’re, going to need a separate charge controller, so that adds some cost there. There’s, ongoing maintenance with a wind turbine. So if you got a motor in there, you ‘ Ve got bearings that need to be maintained over time.

It just really gets to a point where I don’t really like it’s, really not worth it. For most cases, there are going to be some circumstances where doing a wind turbine would make sense. But for most of you watching this video, it really doesn’t, make any sense just add some extra panels, some extra battery storage, then you’re gonna be able to get through those times where you’re, not Generating a lot of power so compare this clean, simple, no moving parts, no ongoing maintenance or anything like that regarding these panels, these have a warranty of 25 years as well 25 years, and it doesn’t require anything from me to work.

The Sun comes up every single day. It’s reliable. We know that it’s, going to rise every day in the morning. Hopefully we don’t know exactly when we’re gonna be getting wind. There’s certain parts of the year.

I know out here where it’s a little bit more windy than usual, but we can ‘ T always rely on it. Compare this to a 65-foot tower that’s. Going to be making noise and that’s, going to cost a lot of money that’s.

Gon na require maintenance over time that could bust over time, because there’s, a motor in there there’s. Bearings in there, so there’s, a reliability issues there. So a lot of you might be familiar with Mike Reynolds.

He’s, the the guy who really started the Earthship movement. He started building the airships back in the day he used to do wind turbines. He doesn’t really do them anymore, except them, probably some very specific applications.

The reason why is because yeah they can generate a lot of power, but the problem is that that is that they require ongoing maintenance. But when you’re building a home set for yourself, I mean there’s, a lot of things that are happening.

So you want to eliminate all the things that are going to require your attention and maintenance over the years, because it’s gonna allow you more freedom and more time freedom to do the things that you want to do awesome guys, if you Want to learn more about how to do off-grid solar, using you can use lithium-ion batteries from met Tesla from a Nissan Leaf, a Chevy Volt.

If you want to learn more about that check out our offer at solar basics course, I’ll, leave a link down below, as well as a link to the article that Liam wrote on these micro wind turbines of why they’re.

Not necessarily a good idea awesome thanks, so much for watching guys catch you on the next video talk to you soon: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ],

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