How To Build An Aluminum Frame Solar Panel – Part 2/3

and this a really nice frame is very strong it looks nice and again the only thing that he didn't show you on his videos was how to actually hook this thing up together is fairly easy we really don't need a video somebody showing you how to put this together but it but I will go ahead and show you how to do that in this video so you should have everything that you need from watching my past videos as far as the internal components and just looking at his videos and I mean you should really have a soul tunnel up in no time I do want to go ahead and still build a solar panel but what I recommend is if you want to build a solar panel with the lunar frame yourself building on a larger scale I think you will save little bit more money doing it that way than doing it what I was doing because cos Center I'm not going to really build another solar panel by myself from scratch I was really kind of wasting a lot of money there with the slag or so mm-hmm I hope this is enough information to give you an inside scoop on some of the things you need to consider before you even go down this route of building a aluminum frame of solar panel now when you see if you're a package in the mail from mark the only thing that's included is the nuts some screws some L brackets to different sizes and then you got the outside frames of course of the channels they are two different sizes as well as two L bracket for these the small L brackets to actually hold the glass together well in place I should say then you get some more L brackets actually hold the corners in place and the only tools that you need I just use the four head screwdriver and some pliers so these are tools that most people already have in their homes so it is a really simple process and the tools needed to put it together are really simple tools that you should already know how to use so let's just go ahead and get started here and what I usually do after assembling and disassembling this so many times to start at one corner so just putting everything goes to the side here as you can see these have an angle tool so what you want to do is just basically slide them in place into the corners meet and then we're going to actually put a L bracket in the corner where you see the holes so let's go ahead and get do that and just something else to notice is it's not really hard to get confused which one to use as I said these do come in two different sizes as you can see here this one has two holes in it and the smaller one actually has one hole story I mean it's really obvious which one of you is here for the corner so for the corners you use the larger L brackets and take some screws and actually put the screw from the outside in so take the screw here and actually put it in that outside of the frame all right so take the L bracket put the L bracket in front of the frame first and let me just try to zoom in a little bit on that so I'm going to take this screw and put it inside L bracket then we're just going to take a nut is what I do and just go ahead and put the nut on it don't screw it all the way tightly I'll show you what I'm going in a moment so just screwin it with my hand as far as I can so once I got that on it's still loose but I mean the main thing here I just want to get to actual L bracket on you so I'm going to take another screw and do the same thing to the other side just from the outside I'm gonna put the screw in and just twist it on there with my hand all right so it's just like that it should be intact but it's really loose as you can see so next what I do or you can go ahead and actually do the whole frame like this just screw the screws on with your hand and then go back and actually tighten everything up but I'm just going to go ahead and tighten it up right now it really doesn't matter which way you do it it's probably a better way to do it but as long as you try to get these corners as tight as possible so what I do now is just take my pliers and actually use the plaster hold the nut and use the screwdriver to actually screw the screw so just turn the screws as tightly as possible but at the same time what I'm trying to prevent is the gaps I don't want any gaps in here if I can prevent it so at the same time kind of got to hold it together really tight I'll try to help someone out there with you while you're trying to assemble it try to just hold it really tight together while you screw it you you

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