How Solar Energy Panels Work

Every hour the sun’s, energy falls on the planet is equal to the amount of energy used by the entire human population. In one year the energy from the Sun is in limitless supply, unlike oil, what has solar power? The reliable source of energy prices never fluctuate, solar energy is free.

How does it work? Solar electricity is generated using photovoltaic cell technology that has been optimized over years of research simply put the greater the intensity of the Sun. The greater the current electricity solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into direct current or DC electricity.

Even on cloudy days, your panels will absorb sunlight. The system inverter then turns this DC electricity into the same electric current that comes from your traditional utility lines. Your solar electric system is connected directly to your utility power supply so that the excess power from your solar panels will be fed back to your local utility company Y dep.

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Source : Youtube