Helio100: breakthrough for modular concentrating solar power

the Gila 100 project is a spinoff from the solar thermal energy research group which is sterg which is at the University of Stellenbosch so a heliostat is a flat or slightly concave mirror that we use to reflect solar energy onto a boiler located at the top of the tower in last year 2014 Healy 100 project started which is this 100 kilowatt system behind us we looked at the entire real estate field realistically from from bottoms up tops down approach so we looked at what were the most expensive parts of a heliostat and try to cost reduce those as much as possible so we have a couple of unique features we plonk a ball so this almost no ground works they Heelys that are on a PUD triangular structure which just gets put onto the ground so there's no there's no civil there's no ripping up of the ground then there's also a wireless system so they is no trenching which we've cut which reduced cabling costs and then we also have a quite a unique control system which they say me smart he Lister so they know once they plunk down they figure out their position in space and from that can calibrate themselves to be able to reflect the sunlight onto the receiver they the biggest barrier to entry for solar part the moment is is cost solar power makes sense but from a cost point of view it's it's very difficult to compete with say a coal power station that's been paid off 30 years ago when with this cost reducing technology we're hoping to enter the market at a lower cost and that will generate interest in build more more of these kind of demonstration plants and commercial plants and that will drive down the cost of solar and it will become a viable and cost-effective solution to South Africa's energy future the design of the here is that field focused on on smart autonomous heater sets so as I said you can put them down they know their position in space and they can calibrate themselves to direct the sunlight on another effect to be focused on is the Assembly of the healers that two people can pretty much a fit assemble the entire field it can fit on the back of a trailer and plunked on-site it's also designed for the South African industry so a huge local content potential and with all these factors it will drives down the overall cost of the heliostat field and we were training towards the SunShot goal of six US cents or sixty cents we're currently slightly above that but that's the goal and the trend line that we were aiming towards

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