GOAL ZERO® Portable Solar Power Extreme 350 Emergency Power Kit

This is the extreme 350 power pack, it provides 350 watt hours of power to recharge the extreme 350. You can use the included AC wall adapter or you can use several older 30 solar panels and it will take about a day’s worth of sunlight or you can use a separate 12 volt adapter to use the extreme 350 power pack using food 12 volt Adapter maximize your use of electronics with the extremes 350, I would recommend using an extreme UI or Universal inverter.

It provides AC 12 volt and USB outputs.

The extreme UI easily attaches to the outside of the extreme 350.

The extreme 350 is heavy duty power.

It features a rubberized handle procuring.

It has an LCD screen that helps to keep track of the power twenty percent increments.

It features removable fuses for overload protection if you need more power, simply stack and chain up to four extreme 350 power packs.

It has built in cooling, vents and rubberized feet.

This is the extreme UI Universal inverter and designed to be used with the extreme 350 power pack.

It provides up to 400 continuous watts and up to it, has a universal plug and you can easily switch between 110 and 220 volts, so you can use it with just about anything on the other side of the inverter. It also provides a 12 volt DC output.

Usb and another DC output that you can run goal 0 lights and other accessories if the inverter gets hot, it has a built in fan that automatically kicks in to help cool the unit.

The extreme UI is designed to power several things at once.

You can charge your cell phone and iPod and even a couple of laptops.

This is a bolder 30 solar panel.

It’s designed to be permanently installed or it can be portable as well.

It’s built with strong tempered, glass and a lightweight aluminum frame.

It’s designed to be used with the extreme 350 power pack.

This panel can charge the pack in 12 to 24 hours, depending on whether to combine multiple panels, use the goal: zero, quick clips and insert them frame to increase your power, use the included cable to chain the panel’s together, the mono crystalline panel and a Strong and pepper, glass and aluminum frame is rated to last 20 years.


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