Goal 0 Nomad 7m Solar Panel

Everyone, this is ben from pdx tach comm, and i just wanted to show you something I picked up today at costco for 63. I’ve been looking at these things for last couple of months now on amazon, and i saw today when i was in the store, and i decided to pick one up – wasn’t that much savings, but is right there in front of me, so I Wouldn’t grabbed it. It’s called the Nomad solar panel by goal zero and what it comes with. Is this panel, a 12 12 volt car inverter, I believe in a car outlet and then instruction manual, of course, but the great thing about this is that you can attach it to your backpack and take it on the go. So it’d be perfect for something like a 72 hour kit and a perfect illustration of that is like how you see this fine gentleman right here. He has it attached his backpack and he’s, obviously charging something. So it’s good for phones, mp3 players, small devices like that and also has an accessory called the sukkah focuses here: the guide 10 power pack, which charges double a’s and triple a’s which is perfect for handheld radios and things of that Nature, so what we have here is the 12 volt output which this plugs in like so and then. This is for the guide, 10 power pack and then there’s a USB port to charge any sort of phone or device that can be charged with a USB. It also has these tie down points right here, so you could hang it up or whatever you feel like you want to do so, simply put it back, hold up velcro, they’re down and you’re ready to go so cool zero. Nomad 7 solar panel have not got the power packed yet, but I plan on purchasing the next so check them out. You need some sort of electrical device for your 72 hour kit, thanks

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