First Solar Project Overview: Phase 1 Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum 13MW PV Power Plant

the Dubai electricity and water Authority selected first solar to construct the 13 megawatt DC solar photovoltaic power plant in CL Doha approximately 50 kilometers south through Dubai with more than 8 gigawatts installed worldwide first solar was entrusted to provide engineering procurement and construction services as well as its advanced industry-leading thin-film PV modules this plant represents the first stage of Dubai's energy diversification strategy and is the cornerstone of an ambitious plan to generate as much as one gigawatt of the Emirates electricity from sunlight it is also the first days of the landmark Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park that is expected to eventually cover 48 square kilometres and produced 1,000 megawatts of clean solar electricity covering an area of 59 acres or approximately 33 soccer pitches this plant is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the region the 13 megawatt power plant generates approximately 24 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year enough to meet the average annual electricity needs of more than 600 local households electricity generated by the power plant will displace more than 15,000 metric tons of co2 annually equivalent to removing approximately 2,000 cars from the road every year from ground breaking to grid connection this plant was completed on schedule in less than 30 weeks and with a project workforce of twelve hundred and eighty personnel at its peak this plant required more than 1.4 million man-hours to complete all of which were accident free additionally for solar spent half of the project's cost in the UAE demonstrating how solar energy can contribute to local businesses the electrical power at this plant is generated with first Soler's advanced cadmium telluride thin-film photovoltaic modules the 150 2880 thin film modules are installed on eighteen hundred and twenty tables at six modules high by 14 modules per string on a total surface area of a proximately 239 thousand square meters each table is supported by two hot dipped galvanized structural steel posts given its scale and location this plant has established new benchmarks for the development of utility scale solar power plants in the region it is also a showpiece of first Soler's industry-leading EPC and technological capabilities by seamlessly integrating into the Emirates electricity grid this plant continues to prove the suitability of first solar's thin-film module technology in conditions found in the Middle East and North Africa this consistently reliable performance in the harsh desert weather and high soiling conditions played a significant role in cadmium telluride being specified as the technology of choice for the plant First Solar is the world's leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic solar energy solutions with highly skilled associates worldwide our fully integrated design solutions combined with intimate knowledge of each of the PV plant components provides high quality reliable solutions for the energy sector for Soler's EPC and onm groups are the largest builders and operators of utility-scale PV plants in the world with a proven track record of delivering the most reliable solar power plants the Dubai electricity and water authority 13 megawatt PV power project is of strategic significance to both view and for solar we recognize the critical importance of executing a cost-effective and flawless pv power plant in Dubai as this is the first of its kind in the emirate the plant showcases how to do things right when it comes to utility-scale PV power solutions

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