Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind and Solar Energy

So a lot of people are very optimistic. As you know, with wind and sold the renewables cost coming down, the battery costs are coming down. You think that’s enough or do you think that is so disappointing? I mean really the vast lab yesterday.

He said okay, here’s, tokyo 27 million people. You have three days of a cyclone basically, every year it’s, 22 gigawatts rate over three days. You know tell me what battery solution is going to sit there and provide that power.

I mean let’s, not joke around your multiple orders of magnitude. You know a hundred dollars per kilowatt hour that’s, nothing that doesn’t solve the reliability problem and remember: electricity is 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Whenever we came up with this term clean energy, I think it’s. Screwed up people’s, minds cuz, they didn’t. Now they don’t understand. I was at this conference in New York. I won’t name it and they were saying all these financial guys got on stage and said: oh, we’re gonna rate companies in terms of their co2 output.

We’re gonna say this company puts out a lot of co2 and financial markets are magical and all of a sudden the co2 will stop being emitted, and I was like okay, how do you make steel? Do you do guys on Wall Street? Do you have something in your desks that make steel what, where’s, the fertilizer cement plastic? Where’s it going to come from, you know: do planes fly through the sky because of some number you put on a spreadsheet, so the the madness of this so-called finance is the solution I don’t get I just don’t get that there is no substitute for how the industrial economy runs today.


Source : Youtube